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Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Your friend is having a baby, and you've been invited to the baby shower, naturally. If you don't have any children yourself and you were never around children much, then you might have no idea what to get your friend for her baby shower. Don’t worry; we're here to help you! The following are some of the best baby shower gift ideas that are sure to make expectant mothers smile.

Cute Diaper Covers

When you're looking for cute ideas for baby shower gifts, consider cute diaper covers. All babies have to wear diapers, but plain old diapers can get boring. Instead of having the mom-to-be pay more for the decorative disposable diapers, you could buy her some cute diaper covers. There are little covers that go over disposable diapers and give any baby a bit of style. They're super cute and oh-so-practical.

Belly Masks

If you're wondering what to buy a new mom for herself, though, you might want to consider belly masks. Belly masks contain lots of natural ingredients such as aloe vera that can soothe an aching belly and help reduce the appearance of any stretch marks both before and after having the baby. While everyone else is focused on getting clothes and other typical items for the baby, you can make sure mom gets what she needs too.

No-scratch Mittens

As babies grow, they tend to develop tiny little fingernails that can become sharp. They could potentially irritate their skin by accidentally scratching themselves, but you can put a stop to that with some no-scratch mittens that will not only protect babies from scratching themselves but also keep their tiny hands warm. Moms will definitely thank you for having the foresight to think of these.

Fabric Laundry Basket

While a laundry basket might seem like something that moms should already have, they might not have a cute baby-themed fabric laundry basket that's easy to maneuver around the house. Moms will have tons of laundry to do when their babies arrive, so having an extra laundry basket around the house will definitely help. Fabric hampers are good choices because they take up little space and can be hung on door knobs and pushed out of sight when not in use.

Matching Outfits

One of the most adorable gifting ideas for baby showers is to buy matching outfits for the baby and mommy, or even the baby and daddy. The parents can have a shirt that's the same design as the baby's onesie or shirt. Matching outfits are cute and make for great photo opportunities, especially on milestone birth dates, such as month birthdays.

Baby Shower Gift Baskets

Of course, if you really want to get creative and make sure your gift is the best one of the night, you can do a gift basket for your friend's baby shower. Gift baskets are great because they allow you to personalize what you're giving your friend, and they allow you to give her more than one thing.

First, select a pretty basket or even a baby trunk or box to put everything in, and then fill your basket with an assortment of items. Diapers, baby wipes, baby socks, baby hats, onesies, honeycomb soap for mom, lotion for mom, chocolate for mom and tons of other miscellaneous items for both mom and baby are all great ways to fill your basket. Tie it all up with a pretty bow to complete the look, and your basket will be ready to go to the shower. It'll look aesthetically pleasing and serve as a great way to get mom and baby both lots of little things they'll need or want.

Even if you don't know much about babies yourself, there are tons of great baby shower gift ideas out there. Get something for the baby, get something for mom or get something for both. To really make a statement, consider assembling a baby shower gift basket.