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Save Time, Buy a Gift Basket

We save you time through designing & creating a gift basket that is unique and you're going to love! So now you can get back to whatever matters most to you; kids, work, walking the dog, fill in the blank. Choose from our pre-made gift basket selection or build your own!
Have you ever spent time wandering down the aisles of your favorite store trying to find the perfect gift for someone? Read More
And in the end you look down at your shopping cart only to see mismatched things, your time wasted and still no gift? We've been there! Stop the madness by saving yourself time and buy a gift basket! At Basket Of Happiness, we are here to help you not only save time, but also stress and anxiety that can sometimes arise when you are shopping for a gift for someone. So do yourself a favor, and skip the lines, browsing on the internet, and choose a gift basket that fits your occasion. Now you can get back to the things that really matter; taking your kids to soccer practice, running your business, or mucking stalls, just to name a few.

Farmhouse & Natural
Style Baskets

Choose from our selection of beautifully crafted Farmhouse-style gift baskets! We're proud to offer natural gift baskets with traditional and modern farmhouse accents. Many baskets come with weathered appearances that only add to their mystique. From bows to lace, each basket spins a tale about home.

Locally Sourced
Gift Items

Local gift baskets aren't a gimmick at Basket of Happiness. Our locally sourced curated gift boxes are unique representations of the artisans in this area. No two baskets are the same. Browse our selection of locally sourced gift items!

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Pre-Made Gift Baskets

Is that special moment arriving soon and you don't have time to shop? Choose from our selection of one-of-a-kind pre-made items for all special occasions!

Custom Gift Baskets

Want to make your basket stand out and add a personal feel to it? Build your own gift basket using a variety of basket and gift item options!

Local farmhouse<br // // / /> Gift Baskets
Local farmhouse<br // // / /> Gift Baskets

Local Farmhouse
Gift Baskets

Discover what your mind can create by browsing through our farmhouse gift baskets. You choose every detail, including the container and shipping speed. Surprise a loved one with locally sourced gift baskets that truly express your feelings. Start your creation by selecting a basket and filling it with gifts. Basket of Happiness offers a platform for your creative spirit.

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We will be happy to hear from you and receive inquiries for making a custom gift basket!
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