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Gender Reveal Gift Ideas

One of the most exciting parts of having a baby is learning the gender. Share the announcement with close friends and family through an intimate celebration. Here are some ideas for what to get for a gender reveal party that will add a special touch to the exciting moment.

Gift Baskets

Baby gift baskets are fun to fill with supplies for the newborn and much appreciated by mom. Diapers, onesies, hand-crocheted toys and no-scratch mittens are items that will be put to good use regardless of the gender. Place your small gender reveal party gifts in a decorative basket that can be reused for holding small items in the baby's room. Natural wicker or colorful fabric are suggestions for an outer lining. Choose prints or solid-color tones of yellow, green, brown or white.

Baskets filled with gifts for a baby reveal party do not have to be limited to infant items. Pregnancy is a stressful time for mom, so consider filling your basket with soothing aromatic soaps and lotions. Select essential oils that calm and relax. Chamomile, lavender, lemon and bergamot-orange are known to relieve anxiety. You may want to add an essential oil diffuser for filling a room with fragrance.

Gift Card Flower Arrangements

Fresh flowers are the ultimate way to celebrate a new life. Get creative with what to bring to a gender real party by placing gift cards randomly throughout a flower arrangement. Choose mom and dad’s favorite restaurant or a shop that carries baby items. Gift cards always come in handy once the baby arrives.


Gender reveal party gift ideas are not limited to useful items. Remembering this time is important, and pictures of the happy couple placed in a frame will always be treasured. Other reveal party gift ideas can include matching coffee mugs that say Mommy and Daddy or golden wind chimes that tug at heartstrings with a soft melody.

Positive Reading Material

Sitting down with a good book can relieve pressure from a stressful day, especially with a new baby in the house. Gender reveal gifts of books are appreciated when mom or dad have only a few minutes of relaxation. Keep the subject positive, like new parenting, setting goals, improving romance or real-life stories of children that put a smile on your face. If mom is considering a new hobby, find a how-to manual to get her started.

Yummy Snacks

Fill a decorated box or basket with healthy treats. Fruit, dried fruit and nuts or granola bars will help a new mom resist the urge to eat that bowl of ice cream. Spring water and organic fruit juice are also great for revealing party gift ideas. Fruit-of-the-month clubs are also available, and produce can be shipped right to the couple's front door for a whole year.

Fun Clothing

Gender reveal gifts can take on a fun note with clothing for mom, dad and baby. Shop at online stores that offer a witty and quality clothing. Everything from maternity clothes, outrageous men's t-shirts and cute sayings on rompers can be found. Clothing can also end up as keepsakes for remembering the festivities of the day.

Diaper Sack With Baby Supplies

Bringing necessary gifts for a baby reveal party celebration shows that you understand the need for everyday products. A diaper sack, hamper or pail can be decorated with bows, ribbons and bright fabric. Add baby items like lotion, ointment, sunscreen, powder, soap and shampoo. These items will always be needed, and it is always nice to have extra on hand.

If you are still stumped on what to bring to a gender reveal party, offer your time. Making dinner, cleaning house or babysitting will be worth more than gold when the happy couple finds parenting more than they expected. Just be there when there appear to be unanswered questions or if common depression sets in.