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Retirement Gift Ideas for Women

Retirement is a reality for many women who have spent decades in the workforce. This exciting change in life should not go unnoticed. Some of the best retirement gifts for women come with your desire to wish them well. A small get-together, a memorable present and a little envy will send them off in the right direction. Here are a few retirement gift ideas for women that will serve as a reminder of your friendship.

Farewell Wall Hangings

There are all types of wall hangings that offer inspirational quotes about growing old and exciting adventures. Most retirees have a specific plan for filling their free time, such as traveling, hobbies or spending time with family. Whimsical signs that bring out a smile will forever be appreciated in a bedroom, kitchen or she-shed.

A Basket of Goodies

Everyone loves baskets that are brimming with sugar and spice and everything nice. A favorite retirement gift basket for women can be created with different themes in mind. Delectable foods, beauty items, bath products or an array of cooking utensils are just a few of the options that are available for making a lasting impression. Baskets can bring up great memories of the past and can be reused for personal items when emptied. 

Baskets have long been a popular choice for presenting gifts to female recipients. It is almost impossible to discard such a natural and versatile object, and they’re great for reusing, regifting, spray-painting to match interiors or helping to organize papers and small objects. A lovely sturdy basket can bring joy to your retiree. 

If you have ever wondered what a good retirement gift for a woman is, you have your answer: Start with a wicker or bamboo basket, then line it with linen, delicate silk and lace or canvas, depending on the assortment of gifts.

Personalized Mentor Gifts

Retirement gifts for a female boss or mentor will show her the respect that she never knew you felt. There are many printable displays that can be framed or pasted to wood that can show your appreciation for a woman who has taught or influenced you in a significant way. After she leaves the workplace, your gift will bring forth memories of the importance of her hard work that will be savored. Even something as simple as a coffee cup or dish can bring delight to a boss or teacher. Canvas totes with a large fabric initial offer a variety of uses and are very durable.

Plants and Herbs

A trendy gift idea for a retiring female coworker is a distressed wooden box filled with succulents of different varieties. This gift can be particularly appealing to those who are headed to warmer climates or plan to live in the country. These charming live plants look great in a kitchen or an enclosed porch. Retirement also makes one think of living healthier, and planting an herb garden is a perfect hobby. As they say, this is the gift that keeps on giving!

Wine, Cheese and Crackers

Ask yourself what you would do as soon as you had retired. Nothing! The best retirement gifts for women are often those that bring a smile to her face after the crowd has gone. Help her set the mood to sit and think about that last day at work. A delicate Chardonnay wine and vintage cheese will keep those memories fresh.

Other retirement gift ideas for women can include stationery and envelopes that showcase different seasons, imported food, body lotions and sprays, and gift certificates to a favorite spa. Essential oils and diffusers are also appreciated.

She will only retire once, and life will not be the same without this special person around. Try to keep in touch, and give her a gift that will remind her of those days with you.