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Just For Guys Hunting Just For Guys Hunting

This is perfect for the guys who loves to hunt! Has everything they need to take while they are sitting in the duck boat or on the mountainside. Includes:

  • Bob's Butt Wipes carrier and wipe insert(not limited to one wipe, comes with a pack :) These are biodegradable
  • Bob's Butt Insect Wipes (5) who needs bugs bothering you while your trying to hunt?
  • Split packets (4)
  • DNX Bars(1 of each flavor (5))
  • Pink Elephant Coffee Roaster in Wayfarer Espresso (roast level is 4 out of 5)
  • Wasatch Nectar Honey Packets in Blueberry and Original (2 of each flavor)
  • Settled inside a wooden, metal crate because you only care what's inside right?

Our Price: $76.99