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Genuine Health

Genuine Health

Our Price: $2.49


Optimize your nutrition with Genuine Health's fermented, vegan products. Offering better absorption with less bloating and more active probiotics which provides better, gut health.
  • Genuine Health protein bar lemon coconut fermented vegan-$2.49
  • Protein bar dark chocolate almond fermented vegan-$2.49
  • Protein bar peanut butter chocolate fermented vegan-$2.49
  • Genuine Health Collagen+Bovine Unflavored Organic Vegan (210 g.)-$18.99
  • Collagen+Bovine Pineapple Berry Vegan Organic (301 g.)-$18.99
  • Marine Collagen+ Organic Fermented (210 g.)-$22.99
  • Organic Unflavored Ferm Vegan Proteins Canister( 600 g.)-$29.99
  • Organic Vanilla Ferm Vegan Proteins (600 g.)-$29.99
  • Organic Chocolate Ferm Vegan Proteins Canister(600 g.)-$29.99
  • Gut Superfood Summer Berry Pomegranate Organic Vegan(10.5 oz.)-$29.99
  • Gut Superfood Orange Ginger Organic Vegan Fermented(10.5 oz.)-$29.99
  • Genuine Health Probiotic 15 billion CFU-$19.99
  • Probiotic 50 billion CFU-$29.99
  • Probiotic Women's Daily 50 billion CFU-$31.99
  • Probiotic Women's UTI 50 billion CFU-$33.99
  • Probiotic Women's Mood 50 billion CFU-$33.99

*Quantities are limited
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