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Gift Ideas for Long-Distance Friends

It is always hard to say goodbye to relatives or special friends when they move away. You may use email, text and video clips to stay in touch, but it just isn't the same. If you feel the need to add a special touch during this time of separation, look at the many gifts to celebrate long-distance friendship. Not only will your best friend be pleasantly surprised, but he or she will feel you ever near. Here are some great ideas to elicit that smile from across the miles.

Long-Distance BFF Gifts

Best friends forever gifts need to be personal and close enough to grab when you are missing your special friend. A fluffy pillow, a lace scarf or a memorable scent from a candle can bring that feeling of always having a BFF to rely on.

Sometimes you just need to feel the comfort of an old friend. Pillows can fill that void as you hug your best friend’s gift of softness. Have a shared phrase imprinted on the front, and it will be there when your friend needs comforting.

A scarf will dress your BFF in style as she explores new places and meets new friends. Select a favorite color and material that will make her shine and give her the confidence to start an interesting conversation. Choose lace with gems, soft silk chiffon or black lace with fringe for courage. Scarfs can be draped, tied around the neck or worn around the waist. Your long-distance best friend will always feel your presence when accompanied by this accessory.

Certain scents can bring on a variety of emotions. Happiness, joy, bliss and sentimental feelings can wipe away the worst of the day’s anxiety. Knowing that the scent arrived from a long-distance best friend can make the significance even greater. Wax melts are fragrant and simple to use when your presence needs to be felt.

A Great Birthday Gift for a Long-Distance Best Friend

If you’re separated from your friend, you may not be able to visit a favorite restaurant or meet up with other good friends, but a basket filled with your best friend's favorite things can run a close second. You are one of the few people who knows your friend’s likes and dislikes. A basket filled with everything loved will make a birthday more special. Bath products, treats for on the go or a book lover's basket are a few suggestions that will make a birthday more enjoyable.

The best place to reflect on happy memories is in a tub filled with bubbles and relaxing aromas. Use a basket that complements the bathroom, and load it up with her favorite bubble bath, wonderful scented wax melts, soothing shower steamers and body butter.

Perhaps your best friend is most at home in nature. Surprise her with a basket filled with organic treats for a hiking or cycling adventure. Dried fruits, nuts and a sports water bottle will add to her excitement of getting out to discover.

Books are a favorite for relaxing and enjoying a peaceful evening at home. Long-distance friendship gifts that involve books on a favorite subject are just the ticket for a journey to clear the mind. Consider a coupon for a favorite book nestled in a fabric basket. Add additional items like hot cocoa mix, coffee, tea packets and chocolate. Your gift will be remembered for many months ahead.

Other gifts for long-distance friendship can include coffee mugs, signs and jewelry. Have them engraved with a special message that is only understood by the two of you. Baskets can hold a variety of items if you are having trouble making up your mind on that one perfect item.

Never allow that special bond to be broken just because a friend has moved to a faraway location. Selecting long-distance friend gifts can be just as exciting for you as it is for the recipient. A holiday, birthday or spur-of-the-moment gift will keep your relationship alive and reflect your caring nature.