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7 Great Spa Gift Basket Ideas

Knowing that you have a basket filled with soothing spa items at home can help make those final few hours of work much more tolerable. Put your own items together or select from baskets already made up to give as gifts. No matter what you have in mind for spa kit ideas, your recipient will appreciate your thoughtfulness beyond words.

  1. Spa Basket of Happiness

Imagine a hot bath with Tranquility Soaking Salts that turn the water into silky goodness. Light a candle that offers a gentle essential-oil fragrance. Use the Skin Candy Body Scrub for all-over cleansing. After bathing, reach into your spa gift basket supplies and pull out a luxurious Turkish bath towel that delivers comfort and warmth. Finish off your experience with Skin Candy Body Butter that moisturizes and leaves you feeling fresh and happy.

  1. Unique Spa Gifts for Relaxing

If you know your gift recipient well, dazzle her with selected spa items that she will cherish. Some of the things to put in a spa basket can be sentimental or personalized. Jewelry is special when it signifies a special friendship, or consider a monogrammed bathrobe that is soft and comfortable. Add favorite scents with oils, salts and candles to bring about the perfect relaxing mood. Relaxation basket ideas for her will be remembered for a long time when personal touches are added.

  1. Spa Kit Ideas for Meditating

Not all meditation has to be done sitting in a lotus position. Use the relaxing nature of a spa bath to clear your head and concentrate on the goodness of life. For the individual who values time in meditation, think of spa gift basket ideas that will help the process.

  • Add a diffuser with essential oils that are recommended for meditation. Sandalwood, vetiver, lavender and sage are good essential oil choices.
  • Calming crystals in a clear glass bowl bring powerful spiritual energy. Amethyst is a good all-purpose crystal for meditation. Clear quartz crystal is great for unlocking and clearing painful memories.
  • A clear monogrammed drinking glass for filling with water is always appreciated when relaxing and practicing meditation. Water is a natural element that is used often in spa therapies.
  • Include a music cd with non-vocal harmonic chords and strings.
  1. Reflexology as a Spa-Themed Gift Basket

Reflexology is a popular form of stress relief that focuses on bringing balance to the body through pressure points in the feet and hands. Providing the right tools for stimulating certain areas can help the recipient experience relief from stress and pain. A massage comb, reflexology wood stick and loofah are incredible tools for using on feet and hands. When they’re used with cucumber-melon essential oil and lotions filled with vitamin E and shea butter, you will feel as if you just had a treatment at a professional spa.

  1. Spa-Related Gifts for the Spa Beginner

There are some people who have never experienced a spa treatment or a spa bath. Relaxation basket ideas for her can be exciting, as they can introduce her to a brand new way of eliminating stress after a hard day. Start small with a wicker basket filled with everything that will speak to sore muscles: a sea salt bubble bath, a natural sponge from the Dead Sea, a small mandarin-and-vanilla-scented candle and a couple of fruity soaps that leave a refreshing smell. Your friend will be intrigued at what else is available in spa-related items.

  1. Unisex Spa Gifts

Do you want to give a housewarming gift to a special couple? After all of the moving and unpacking, they will love a shared spa-inspired treat of relaxation. Set off a bath bomb filled with vanilla and sandalwood scents to provide a memory boost and mental clarity as well as set the mood for relaxation and calm. Add a body scrub, slippers and body lotion to create a gift that is sure to help them remember their new home for many years to come.

  1. Spa Day Gift Basket Ideas for Sensitive Skin

Not everyone can use the regular products that are frequently found in spa baskets. Show your recipient just how special she is by selecting organic and dye-free spa products that will be a real treat for her skin. A natural body-bar skin set, organic shower gel and a posh bath sponge will show her that you care about her well-being. Add a soy candle and a body brush in a natural wicker basket.

Coming up with spa gift basket ideas makes your gift thoughtful and fun. The personal touch will be noticed and appreciated. Consider a spa-themed gift basket for birthdays, holidays or other celebrations. Everyone needs a little relaxation, and showing your ability to find just the right answer for a stress-free evening will always be remembered.